In this video senior stylist Sam Earl, from our Bentalls Centre salon, shows you how to create a wonderful waterfall plait — a stylish look that’s ideal for a night on the town or Christmas party, but very quick and easy to do.

Xmas presents

With the festive season just round the corner, it means there will soon be lots of Christmas parties and work dos to attend. You’ll be Christmas shopping, getting presents prepared, and trying to figure out what to wear to your Christmas party — the last think you’ll probably be thinking about is what to do with your hair. Why not pop into one of our salons and ask our stylists to do something for you, whether it’s just a simple blow-dry, a few bits pinned up or a fantastic ‘updo’. Set your mind at ease, and let us do it for you, so it’s one less thing for you to worry about. If you’re not sure what you want you can always pop in for a consultation or bring pictures of the kind of thing you’d like. Here are a few simple and easy styles. Which would you pick?

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In this video, Senior Stylist Sam Earl, from our Bentalls Centre salon, shows you a quick and simple way to make a fishtail plait.


This week some of our stylists and assistants attended the yearly event that is Salon International.

With stunning live shows and demonstrations of the latest products and services, It is a must attend event for our team to stay up to date with current fashions and styles, so we can give our clients the latest fashions in hair.

Many famous hair stylists gave live demonstrations